Gary Brown: Simple pleasures that accompany spring and summer

Gary Brown

Standing to see a sunset or watch a sunrise.

Walking on a warm evening without putting on a jacket.


Stopping to watch the antics of a butterfly on a sunny afternoon.

Washing a car and waving to a neighbor.

Sitting in the shadow created by the leaves of a fully loaded shade tree.

Standing beside a barbecue grill and listening to music.

Studying the Big Dipper in the night sky, and picking out the North Star.

Taking a hike in a park you’ve never seen before.

Picking a wildflower and letting it touch the tip of your nose as you sniff its fragrance.

Playing “fetch” with a dog.


Reading a book with a breeze in the backyard.

Riding a bike on a nature trail.

Admiring the pattern made on a lawn by a mower on freshly cut grass.

Sitting in the bleachers during a child’s baseball game.

Feeling the awesomeness of a thunderstorm.

Listening to lawn mowers in the distance.

Smiling and nodding at a stranger on a walking track.


Drawing the last handfuls of dirt around a newly planted flower.

Hearing the chirping of crickets.

Viewing fireworks or watching a parade and hearing the collective “oohing” and “ahhing” that escape, almost unassisted, from us.

Picking out a new — soon to be favorite — pair of sunglasses.

Sipping a cold drink on a hot afternoon.

Tending a garden at dusk.

Catching a lightning bug.


Stopping to chat with a friend on a sidewalk.

Stepping outside the house at night and discovering, with delight, that there is no sight — nor smell — of any “cats” with white stripes.

Flying a kite with kids.

Taking time to play croquet at a picnic.

Resting in a hammock.

Being able to open a window on a warm night.

Using your lunch break to sit outside and feel the sun against your face.

Riding in a convertible with the top down.

Strolling through an outdoor festival.

Listening to an open-air concert.

Simply being alive enough to sense the seasons.

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