Mount Shasta community celebrates Earth Day

Skye Kinkade
The Mount Shasta City Park was brimming on April 17, 2010 for the Earth Day Fair.

During the first springlike day of the year, several hundred community members came out on April 17, 2010 to celebrate Earth Day at the Mount Shasta City Park.

The festivities were kicked off by an Alternative Transportation parade down Mount Shasta Boulevard, led by zero-trasher Barbara Wagner.

Mount Shasta resident Randy Bofinger brought up the parade’s rear in his new 100 percent electric vehicle.

“So far, it’s been beautiful,” Bofinger said, explaining that the Xebra Zapcar can go a maximum of twenty miles on a single charge of its gel cell lead acid battery.

Bofinger was the first Siskiyou County resident to purchase an electric vehicle in 1991 during the Gulf War, when he decided to wean his dependence on oil. Since then, he’s been waiting for a sensible electric car to come on the market, he said.

Registered as a motorcycle, Bofinger’s bright green, three wheel Xebra can go 40 miles per hour, and is perfect for errands around town, he said.

Others participating in the parade walked or rode their bicycles from Berryvale Grocery to the Mount Shasta City Park, where the Earth Day Fair was already in full swing.

Featuring informational booths on a wide variety of green topics, kid-friendly demonstrations, live music and good food, people had a great time browsing through the lodge and lounging out on the lawn to enjoy the warm sunshine.

Many converged at the Mount Shasta City Park on April 17, 2010 for a celebration of Earth Day.