Ralliers make message heard outside Capitol

State Capitol Bureau

Ralliers are making their message heard and seen outside the state Capitol.

Thousands are marching down Second Street to the east side of the Capitol, where an elaborate stage is set up with video screens for today's massive rally to stop deep budget cuts.

Ralliers are wearing brightly colored pink, green, blue and purple T-shirts and carrying signs with slogans, "Cut the bull, not the budget" and "Responsible budget: don't come home without it."

Leaders are firing up ralliers with chants including "We want a responsible budget and we want it now."

One Springfield man even sees the event as a chance to make a few bucks. Brian Richards of Springfield has set up a stand selling political button and T-shirts. He says he volunteered for President Barack Obama's presidential run and had leftover "stuff." There's mostly Obama paraphernalia and some Lincoln things, but a reporter spotted a John McCain button and Richards said that shouldn't be there.