Flicks: Berg makes carbon copy of 'Smokin' Aces' in 'The Losers'

John Meo

Peter Berg had a small role in “Smokin’ Aces,” a fun, dare I say hip, collision of violent people doing what they do best. The cast was impressive, and the plot was tweaked enough to be original but comfortable even if the execution wasn’t perfect. The plot twist was pretty much up on a billboard a third of the way in.

But apparently Berg liked the tone so much he decided to make his own version.

Enter “The Losers,” which may as well be “Seca ‘Nikoms,” based on what I’ve read and seen. Even the commercials feel ripped off. The website does feature a nice cursor-driven sniper scope. Every click puts a bullet hole in the screen.

Generic cast

Take a generic cast of characters, The Leader, The Sniper, The Bomb Guy, The Funny Guy and The Black Guy (apparently two black guys), a generic left-for-dead-but-not-quite revenge plot and watch the ’splosions ’splode.

All of this will no doubt take place with a level of detachment and grim humor we should come to expect from modern action flicks. The heroes are smart and savvy and go about their work with a one liner for every punch thrown and every trigger pulled. And everyone else is a simpleton capable only of looking hopelessly overmatched and slightly confused.

Incidentally, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, recently of “The Watchmen,” and soon of the — and I write this with as much hope as I’ve ever mustered — epic failure that is the “Red Dawn” remake, stars as The Leader.

Morgan’s made a living from one-off roles in notable TV series “CSI,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Monk,” and “Weeds,” to name a few, so forgive my suspicion and skepticism of his credibility as a leading man.

His movie roles include Older Man Getting Parking Ticket in “Fred Claus,” The Sheriff in “Dead & Breakfast” (which, credit where credit is due, is a great name for a zombie movie), and Bobby in “Road Kill.”

One man, one hero

“The Losers” cast next brings me to Chris Evans, presumably The Funny Guy, who starred as the Human Torch in the “The Fantastic Four” movies. He’ll also star as Captain America. Anyone else have a problem with one guy playing two or more superheroes from the same stable? Or is that just the retentive nerd in me?

One man, one hero. Are we that short on actors that we have to double up?

My boy Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool, Green Lantern and Mr. Excellent ... but at least he had the decency to go Marvel, DC and imaginery friend (in “Paper Man” with Jeff Daniels.)

John Meo writes for the Norwich Bulletin in Norwich, Conn.