Revitalize outdoor furniture

Wynne Everett

With snowy days on the horizon, you likely didn't have time to worry last fall when you packed away the deck chairs and umbrella table. But now that you're pulling that outdoor furniture out for a new season, you might notice it's dingy, dinged or damaged. Here are some budget-friendly tips for making that old furniture like new:

1. Lifestyle expert and author Colleen Mullaney suggests a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint — you often can use spray paint — will make your furniture like new.

2. If a portion of your set is beyond repair or repainting, consider replacing it piece-by-piece. Look for a new chair, table, footstool or other item that is similar in style that you can blend into your existing set. Or deliberately choose pieces of a different style to create a "vintage mix" eclectic look.

3. Cheaper than replacing the entire set, consider buying new cushions and/or pillows that will give your furniture a new look.

4. When shopping for these items, start with yard sales and flea markets. Also, don't forget outlet stores and the discontinued sections at furniture and garden supply stores. Particularly if you're shopping for one or two pieces instead of a complete set, you can do well here.