Critics' Cupboard: T. Marzetti 100-calorie Veggie Dips

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T. Marzetti 100-calorie Veggie Dips: 6-pack of 1.5-ounce tubbettes, about $4.29

Jennifer Mastroianni: SPATULA DOWN

I love the idea of portion control. I hate the idea of overpackaging.

On one hand, I’m a big fan of Marzetti dips. And these mini plastic tubs are so convenient to tuck in a lunch bag.

Then I V-8-ed myself in the forehead and said, “It was just Earth Day, for crying out loud. Surely you see the waste of plastic and paper!”

Light bulb. Buy a tub of low-fat dip and divvy it up in a reusable container. 

Jim Hillibish: SPATULA DOWN

I like dips that stick, not run. That’s why I’m not fond of Marzetti’s Light Ranch Veggie Dip in single-portion plastic containers. You eat this puppy with a bib.

I took one taste and thought, “Let’s see, OK, salad dressing in a dip costume.” If you want to dip your celery and carrots in salad dressing, buy the bottle and save a heap.

Food processors constantly are releasing old products in new, single-serving “solutions.” They call this repurposing. Hey marketing gurus, the trash is piling up. In many cases, the packaging is more expensive than the contents.

P.S.: These containers are so shallow, you only can dip about a half-inch of your veggie, and as for chips, forget it.

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