Dianne McDonald: Mother’s Day not just for moms

Dianne McDonald

Although I will find time for chocolate and a glass of wine, Mother’s Day is not an all-about-me celebration. The day invites people to acknowledge and appreciate all the mothering they received in their lives.

Mother’s Day reminds me to reflect and admire the mothering lives that my friends have. They all inspire me with their jam-packed mom schedules of play dates, play groups and parent-child kid classes. Their houses always seem cleaner and their kids always seem better behaved than mine.

I remember my mom, who lives with the angels now, and appreciate the dedication she had in the role as mother extraordinaire. She was far ahead of her time. Anything good in me is from her.

I hold in the highest regard my female friends, relatives and colleagues that have mothered me through the years. Yes, it’s their entire fault how I am turning out.

Also keep in mind you don’t actually have to be a mother to enjoy Mother’s Day. Some dads out there do a stellar job of raising their children. Remember, only real men drive minivans and can put pony tails in. I am blessed to have a partner who is easily the most amazing parent. He’s the type of superhero man who actually spends time with each of the kids individually and as a group. He raises the children instilling the finest values, morals and life lessons, all the while having never missed the kids’ soccer, football or baseball games, track meets, doctor/dentist appointments, dance classes or carpools. He cooks and cleans, too. No, I am not making this up. Yes, I know I am lucky.

We all try our best to be great mothers to our children. It’s a fascinating trip filled with trial and error. We all want our kids to live happy and healthy lives. Revel in this the time you get to spend with your little cherubs, hormonally altered teenagers and young adults. Happy Mother’s Day!

Patriot Ledger contributor Dianne McDonald is a working mother who lives in Marshfield, Mass., with her husband and five kids.