Weed Chamber celebrates completion of mosaic

Karen DeRoss
Weed Pride Committee members broke ground on their project, joined by Mayor Dave Pearce and County Supervisor Michael Kobseff. Left to right are Virgil Tuman, Margaret Dean, Jeannie Tuman, artist Monica Zinda, Kobseff, Pearce, Ken Palfini, Joyce and John Oliver and Todd Shoffstoll.

Weed Chamber of Commerce president Brenda Woods praised the Community Events Board mosaic done by local artist Monica Zinda, dedicated last Saturday.

“It’s beautiful, gorgeous and we love it,” she said, adding, “We hope it will kick off more public art in Weed,” noting the importance of making a good impression on visitors. Woods thinks the mosaic art will do just that.

Woods also recognized that “lots of people made this happen,” explaining that the board took about one year to renovate due to weathering.

Zinda said she appreciates being commissioned to create the mosaic art for the town of Weed.

“It means so much to share (my art) with all my neighbors,” she said, also noting that this project involved the best cooperation she’s seen. She hopes to contribute more art and murals to the town of Weed.

The painting of Abner Weed by Lisa Mallory previously featured on the board was donated to the Weed Museum, where it will be displayed after it is refurbished.

Woods encouraged people to go see Abner in his new home when the museum reopens on Memorial Day weekend.


The Main Street Pride Committee conducted the official groundbreaking to signify the start of improvements to be made to Main Street at a ceremony at the Visitor Center on Saturday.

Bob Hall, John Oliver and Mayor Dave Pearce presented a summary of phase one the project that will begin at the arch in front of the Visitor Center and go to Division Street. When that side of the street is completed, they will start at the arch again on the other side of the street to Division Street.

A grant from the City has provided $380,00 for the Committee to work with.

Hall specified that the Main Street Pride Committee is “based on inclusiveness,” also stating, “Bringing people together is how we’re going to pull this off.”

Hall recognized this is not just the city, but that it’s the community of Weed stepping up.

With the Chamber, city, Revitalization Committee and community all involved, “you can’t get a better crew than that,” said Mayor Pearce.

They are forming teams of volunteers from within the community, including the college and high school.

Oliver noted, “We’re pleased to see everyone working together.”

Hall explained that the committee’s goal is to “give Weed a pedestrian friendly feeling (so) they’ll want to walk down the streets.”

The planned eight-foot sidewalks will encourage pedestrian traffic. The concrete of the current sidewalks will be crushed and brought back as a base for the new sidewalks, cutting down on costs and utilizing eco-friendly production.

Hall also noted that traffic will be inconvenienced little during construction, stating there will be very little parking loss. The improvements will set the basis for growth, and they hope to continue bettering our community.

“We hope to be able to hand this to the next generation,” said Hall.

A ribbon cutting to celebrate the completion of the Weed Chamber mosiac was conducted Saturday, May 1.