5 things you should know about Mother's Day

Jane Lethlean

Where to start? National trends show flowers, cards and food are some of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts. It is the third most popular holiday to send greeting cards, behind Christmas and Valentine’s Day. This holiday also ranks second only to Christmas in the purchase of flowers.

Most popular for mom

1. Flowers — Delight Mom with fresh-cut flowers — a classic gesture of love and appreciation on Mother's Day. Spring bouquets of fresh cut flowers make for a colorful arrangement.

2. Candy and chocolates — You can make her day with a specially chosen assortment of chocolate truffles and delectable creams. Don’t forget to choose her favorites: smooth milk chocolate, rich and silky dark chocolate or creamy white chocolate. Does she prefer Belgian or Swiss chocolates?

3. Jewelry — Does mom prefer silver, gold or platinum? Rings, bracelets, necklaces or other items? Diamonds or pearls? Gemstones or costume jewelry? Nothing says mom like jewelry.

4. Music and books — Books and CDs are the ultimate easy-to-do Mother’s Day gifts. Use a small book of verse in place of a gift card or select an assortment of books and music for her enjoyment. Does Mom seek the latest got-to-have-it hardcover best-seller or does she collect international cookbooks or world music?

5. Fragrances and candles — Don’t be limited by perfume alone. A favorite scent might also come in a luxurious body lotion or bath gel. Plus, scented lotions and other fragrance accessories are a great way to introduce her to an alternative scent.

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