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WAKE UP CALL! Lettuce sickens more


BRIDE MAGAZINE: Technology helps plan, broadcast weddings

READER CALLOUT: Send in graduation photos




COLLEGE MATTERS: Summer is a time for new experiences --  Summer opportunities abound for high school students; it can be the perfect time to take classes, explore career interests, hone athletic skills or become involved in volunteer work.


RELIGION NEWS: Pope finishes second book on Jesus -- Weekly religion rail, with Pope Benedict XVI writing his second installment on Jesus, getting to know Saint Paschal Baylon, this week in religious history, and more.

REV. TESS BAUMBERGER: When peace is not quiet -- In a congregation, or indeed in any group, peace is not necessarily or always quiet. We tend to think of peace as a complete absence of conflict, disagreement, or unpleasantness. This is a heavenly dream … from which we must awake!

RABBI RANDY KAFKA: Receiving our instructions -- Spring is a favorite time for weddings. In the Jewish tradition, the ultimate wedding celebration happens in springtime. On the festival of Shavuot – May 19-20 this year – we celebrate the anniversary of the “marriage” of the Jewish people with God.

CHEESECAKE: Cottage cheese makes a lighter cheesecake -- Cheesecake is far from low cal, but Smith Dairy of Orrville has created a clever recipe that makes this favorite dessert a tad more healthful.

BOILING POINT: Cheese that's a laughing matter -- California’s dairy promotion outfit runs ads about their cows being the happiest cows. They make fun of Wisconsin cows standing sadly in the snow. We’re tempted to think this is just another clever marketing ploy, but it is grounded in reality. Happy cows really do make better dairy products.

SPINACH: Spinach still suffers the Popeye paradigm. We have the Sailor Man popping cans -- yes, cans -- of the noble green. That’s a problem. Canned spinach is indescribable ... except for "gooey." By Jim Hillibish of The Repository.

EAT YOUR VEGGIES: To get more veggies into kids' diets, get creative, author says -- As many 6-year-olds know, eating vegetables isn’t always fun. But Patty James may be able to convince children and adults otherwise. The natural chef and cookbook author suggests delicious and easy ways to include vegetables in every meal. By Jennifer Mastroianni of The Repository.

KITCHEN GARDEN: For the freshest herbs, plant a kitchen garden --  We live in the confluence of wanting to save money while wanting to save the planet. Both of these are working together, sparking a 40 percent spike in gardening. And this means a return to kitchen gardens. By Jim Hillibish of The Repository.

DIANA BOGGIA: Time to teach zero tolerance regarding bullying -- Bullying is a serious issue. It intimidates, rips self-esteem, heightens anxiety, promotes fear, ignites violence and causes death. As adults, parents and educators, we need to do everything possible to teach zero tolerance regarding bullying.


SNEAK PREVIEW: 'Robin Hood' and other new movies -- For their fifth collaboration, Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe venture deep into Sherwood Forest looking for an excuse for a bloodletting. By Al Alexander of The Patriot Ledger.

FLICKS: ‘Iron Man 2’ fitting despite criticism --  Taking the day off to see “Iron Man 2” was one of the better decisions I’ve made in the last month. Up there with, yes, I will eat this doughnut and why, yes, I will have another doughnut. By John Meo of the Norwich Bulletin.

MOVIE REVIEW: A lot to Crowe about in the latest 'Robin Hood' -- This is not your grandfather's "Robin Hood," folks. This is "Robin Hood" by way of "Gladiator" and "Braveheart" full of violence, treachery and heroism. It's an epic that gets so down and dirty with its characters that mud plays a supporting role. By Bob Tremblay of The MetroWest Daily News.

MOVIE REVIEW: 'Just Wright' is just dull -- It's difficult to describe "Just Wright" as a romantic comedy since it's nearly devoid of laughs. So let's stick with fantasy. Think "Cinderella" but where everyone is kinder and gentler and even the "wicked stepsister" proves she's about as evil as a skin rash. By Bob Tremblay of The MetroWest Daily News.


GRANLUND CARTOON: Forecasting the climate change bill

O'MAHONEY CARTOON: High schools cutting sports budgets

CONROY CARTOON: Obama and the Fannie Mae bailout

BRITT CARTOON: Afghan President Karzai visits the White House

CHARITA GOSHAY: Lawrence Taylor’s arrest exposes ongoing travesty -- The story behind the Lawrence Taylor arrest is that there are adults who see nothing wrong in trafficking a child for sex and, worse, there are adults willing to pay for it.

EDITORIAL: Time for clean energy - Anyone still in denial over the need to convert our energy system to renewable sources and move on from fossil fuels needs only to look at the ongoing tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico to see the latest reason to act responsibly. By The Herald News of Fall River, Mass.

EDITORIAL: Oil spill a new reminder of old, still-unlearned lessons - If there's a phrase that seems to have disappeared from the American lexicon in the last couple of weeks, it's "Drill, baby, drill." By The Journal Star of Peoria, Ill.

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