Student aid programs celebrate students’ academic achievement

Karen DeRoss
COS student Jessica Catlin said she appreciated being honored by EOPS during a lunch reception on Thursday. Receiving the certificate was “such a treat,” she said.

Jessica Catlin was thrilled to be one of the many College of the Siskiyous students who celebrated on Thursday being honored by the programs that assist students in achieving their educational ambitions.

Extended Opportunity Programs, Services and Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education, Student Support Services and CalWORKs rewarded students with a lunch reception to celebrate the success of graduates in the programs, as well as high honor and honor students.

Catlin said receiving honors from EOPS was “such a treat.” She described herself as a B average student who sometimes limits herself, so finding out she was the recipient of an honor like this boosted her self-esteem. “When I saw the certificate in the mail, it just jumped out at me,” she said.

Catlin wants to pursue a degree in psychology with a minor in Spanish. She is “really excited to achieve a Spanish minor” and noted a trip to Argentina with her Cultural Spanish class was a highlight of her time at COS. She appreciates EOPS recognizing the potential of students and enabling them to do well.

Tony Chhom, another student to utilize EOPS resources, said although he might not take advantage of all the services offered, it’s nice to know they’re there.

EOPS provides academic advising and counseling, book vouchers, starter kits consisting of school supplies, bus passes and other miscellaneous fee waivers.

SSS offers counseling services, career guidance, field trips to four-year colleges, application assistance for financial aid, scholarships and four-year colleges and workshops related to student success.

CalWORKs assists students transitioning from public assistance to economic self-sufficiency and provides advising, childcare, work-study opportunities, transportation, starter kits and book vouchers.

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Faculty, staff and students took part in a lunch reception on Thursday at COS to honor EOPS, CARE, SSS and CalWORKs students receiving high honors or honors, including graduating students.