David Schiefelbein: Be safe this summer, now that it's here

David Schiefelbein

All gave some; some gave all. Monday is Memorial Day, so take some time to remember the military men and women who died in service.

And with Memorial Day comes the unofficial start to summer. Keep these safety tips in mind:

On, in and around the water

- Water and alcohol don’t mix; if you drink, please use a designated captain.

- Children don’t float: Please use personal flotations on all kids on, in and around the water. It only takes a few seconds for tragedy to ruin a holiday.

- Water safety: In any natural body of water, common sense should be used, especially after periods of heavy rain in the spring. Don’t drink the water, and treat all cuts and abrasions for infection before and after entering the water.

On the land and roads

- Stay alert to traffic: It's traveling season and construction season, so there surely will be traffic slowdowns from motorists looking and trying to find their way.

- Don’t drink and drive: Police will be in force this weekend, perhaps more this Memorial Day holiday than any in the recent past. If you drink, let someone else drive.

Take advantage of the gift

- All gave some: Every man and woman who joined the military, either by volunteer or draft, made sacrifices and put their lives and families on hold while they answered the call to duty.

- Some gave all: The reason for this holiday are the men and women, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, all of whom left family and friends behind to serve our country, never to return.

- Monday is Memorial Day: Take the time to remember and appreciate their sacrifices. Their service, pain and suffering in paying the ultimate price bought and paid for our freedom.

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