Works Well: Stand mixers are worth extra bucks

Jim Hillibish

One of the most expensive kitchen appliances is the stand mixer. You can get $350 into one faster than whipping cream.

They are worth the money. KitchenAid, a favorite of chefs, is designed to last decades for you and your heirs.

The advantage of a stand mixer is power. Hand mixers by definition are weaklings compared to a dedicated stand mixer with a full-size motor. If you do a lot of mixing, go for the stand. They also offer an array of attachments to spread the mixer’s usability.

The KitchenAid 5-quart is $349 list, $245 street. Other heavy-duty mixers include the Cuisinart at $185 and Hamilton Beach at $250. For lesser jobs, check out convertible models such as the the Hamilton Beach Hand-Stand at $50.

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