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WAKE UP CALL! This could be a big year for summer camps


JULY HOW-TO PAGE: Learn about new credit card rules and how they affect you

NIE PAGE: Give kids a summer reading challenge

-- NOTE: This is the last NIE page for the summer. It will return weekly when school starts.

READER CALLOUT: Get readers' memories on the first day of summer


BLAGOJEVICH CONTENT: Looking for photos, 'toons and more on former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich? Check out these links.


FATHERS DAY 2010: Our collection of Father's Day pages, reader callouts, columns and more. If your newspaper is planning coverage, please submit it through Zope or e-mail

FAMILY TIME: Feed your baby’s potential - Weekly family column, with tips on babies and milestones, a look at some good summer vacation movies and more.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Make a stir-fry with asparagus -- Weekly food rail, with an easy recipe for Asparagus Pasta Stir-Fry, tips for fighting salmonella, the latest from The Beer Nut, and more.

COPD: Shortness of breath may be first sign of deadly COPD -- Harry Brunner says it takes him two days to do things another person can do in one. Brunner, a two-and-a-half-packs-a-day smoker for 20 years, lays the blame on his chronic obstructive pulmonary disease — chronic bronchitis with emphysema. By Mike DeDoncker of the Rockford Register Star.

DR. MURRAY FEINGOLD: Exploring the 'infectious' earworm -- Although you probably are not aware of it, you most likely have been infected with an earworm. You just didn't know its name. But don't get too worried, it is not an infection caused by a virus or bacteria. The main symptom produced by this earworm is having a song, part of a song, a tune or a commercial jingle continuously recur in your brain.

DR. JEFF HERSH: Q fever explained -- Q fever is named for query fever, which is what it was called before the 1937 discovery that it is caused by the Rickettsia bacteria Coxiella burnetii. It is a worldwide zoonosis, meaning it also infects animals, which, in this case, includes livestock, birds and small mammals.

DARIN ST. GEORGE: What's your motivation -- What's your motivation for working out? When you think ahead for the week, ponder these issues.

DR. GWENN SCHURGIN O'KEEFFE: Teens need involved parents -- Are you an "opt-in" teen parent or an "opt-out" teen parent? Does it matter? I think it does!

JIM KONRAD: Get more bang for your Father's Day buck -- Here’s a fun fact for you: Mother’s Day spending is estimated to be $14 billion. Father’s Day spending is $100 million. That’s billions vs. millions.

COLLEGE MATTERS: Advice for parents during the college search -- This summer I will begin the college search process with a student whom I am certain is going to be my all-time favorite client -- my own daughter. By Allison Matlack.

AMY GEHRT: Will justice finally prevail in Holloway case? - Five years to the day after American teenager Natalee Holloway vanished while on a class trip to Aruba, the sole suspect in her disappearance allegedly killed again. Twenty-two-year-old Dutch citizen Joran van der Sloot now stands accused in the death of Stephany Flores, a 21-year-old college business student less than a year from graduation.

PETER CHIANCA: Stupidity is the mother of invention - Every so often I like to use this space to highlight the latest useful inventions, first as a service to readers, and second to reassure myself that someone is out there devising the world’s first heat-controlled underpants.

DEATH: How to talk to children about death - The sudden death and absence of a loved one can lead to all kinds of existential questions. But imagine how it must feel for a child trying to comprehend what appears to be the random disappearance of someone or something they loved. How do you explain it to them? By Shannon O'Brien.

- Localize by talking to experts in your town, finding people who have experienced this.


BRITT CARTOON: Filling out the Blagojevich jury

GRANLUND CARTOON: Helen Thomas' memoirs

EDITORIAL: Let public in on financial reform talks - As Congress returns from its Memorial Day recess this week, its most important piece of unfinished business is financial regulatory reform. The House and Senate have approved different bills, which must be reconciled in a conference committee before a final bill can be sent to the president. By The MetroWest (Mass.) Daily News.

EDITORIAL: Poverty is what truly ails us -- If health care reform policy is to work, a major component of the solution must involve identifying those places the system is bleeding money — and applying enough pressure to stop waste. But another significant challenge involves taking care of Americans who have no money and no options for treatment. From the Messenger Post.

EDITORIAL: Parents can prevent summer learning loss -- School is out for the summer in some communities, and for many area children, that means weeks of sleeping in late, trips to the swimming pool or hours spent in front of the TV or a computer. From The Times-Reporter.

EDITORIAL: Feds, BP have roles to play in Gulf cleanup -- While oil continues to flow into the Gulf of Mexico, the impact of the environmental nightmare along the Gulf Coast is just now being seen. BP should have the lead role in attempting to stem the flow of oil, but it should be relieved of all authority in overseeing and coordinating the cleanup. From the Norwich Bulletin.

CHARITA GOSHAY: BP leak a lesson in greed -- British Petroleum is your final proof of a dirty little business secret: Businesses are full of well-paid brainiacs who aren’t smart enough to ask the people on the ground, “What do you guys think?”

MIKE KILIAN: Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a story that hits home -- Whether you consider yourself an environmentalist or not, it is immensely saddening to see such a lovely ecosystem and such a unique way of life damaged by the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion and subsequent underwater oil leak. And that’s especially true for those of us who have spent time in that region.

GARY BROWN: A perfect life lesson from a less than perfect game -- I looked up the words “forgiveness” and “understanding” in the dictionary Friday morning and I think I saw the picture of Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga.


MAKING CENTS: The financial consequences of divorce -- Rarely looked back on with fond memories, the battling and legal costs of divorce bring anger and pain. Almost as rare is a full discussion about the financial consequences of divorce before the final decree. By John P. Napolitano of The Patriot Ledger.

MONEY LESSONS: Prepare teens for how to handle money later in life -- Piggy bank or real bank? Save it or spend it? Teens with summer jobs face the same financial decisions as adults. Financial experts say opening a savings or checking account is a good first step for teens. By Saimi Bergmann of The Repository.