Delectable Discovery: Liven up dessert with Zebra Cake

Jennifer Mastroianni

Zebra, leopard, tiger, giraffe. You’ve seen these hot animal prints lately on everything from purses to placemats to pillows. Now you can take this fashion statement one step further — with food.

Zebra Cake has a wavy black and white pattern that is guaranteed to elicit surprise from friends and family. And it’s not hard to make. You can simply achieve this fun pattern by dropping chocolate batter into the center of vanilla batter, like a bull’s-eye.

The cake is a featured recipe on the King Arthur Flour website, with step-by-step photo instructions of the method.

Check it out at

Drink Marx

How many times have you been in a crowd and set down your water bottle or coffee cup, only to lament, “Which drink is mine?”

We found a practical and fun solution: Drink Marx. This is a plastic, expandable, reusable bracelet-like band that fits most bottles, cups or cans. Here’s the fun part. It comes with a sheet of stickers for customizing the band and expressing your identity. Choose from letters and icons such as sports themes, animals, musical instruments and pop culture symbols.  

One package of four Drink Markers (espresso, green, blue and pink) is $12.95 and come with a customization sticker set of 78 Letters and 42 Icons. Shop at

Flavors of chocolate

Flavor receptors on the human tongue register five tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami.

You know the first four, but may not know about “umami,” a Japanese word for savoriness, also known as “brothy” or “meaty.”

Now an artisanal chocolate company in Maine is putting this flavor profile to use in handmade chocolates.

Sweet Marguerites Umami Chocolates include a plum and sake ganache molded in dark chocolate, a sweet potato caramel in milk chocolate, a malted bacon square topped with bacon powder, a green tea and ginger truffle, and a tahini sesame square. All are unusually seductive, but my favorite was the tahini. Dark chocolate coating enrobes a milk chocolate center which is infused with sesame oil and bits of toasted sesame seeds.

Sweet Marguerites single origin chocolate is from Tanzania and Venezuela, and features rich and complex flavors. If you are a fan of exotic chocolate, these are a must try. The Umami collection of five flavors is $9.

Order Sweet Marguerites products at

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