WES graduates look forward to a ‘bright future’

Karen DeRoss
Graduate students from Weed Elementary School emerged from the gymnasium as brand new high schoolers on Wednesday, June 9.

“In this bright future, you can forget your past,” was the theme of Weed Elementary School’s graduation ceremony last Wednesday in the WES gymnasium.

Guest speaker Ruben Alvarado encouraged the 27 graduates in the same vein, “Don’t give up and don’t look back. Look forward to your bright future.”

He noted that “education is a blast” even though at times it may be difficult, and urged the students to enjoy every moment of it.

In her welcome address to family, friends, teachers and classmates, student Lauren Gubetta said, “Throughout our time at WES we have grown stronger, smarter, confident and, of course, taller.”

She said they feel prepared as “young adults getting ready to move on with the rest of (their) lives.”

Student Kaitlynne Ekman thanked parents and teachers for their unending support, even when if it was not appreciated at the time.

“You dealt with us in bad times and supported us in good times,” Ekman said.

The graduates are looking forward to the next step in their education. During the ceremony, students received the following awards:

Kiwanis Citizenship Award – Gustavo Eduardo Rodriguez, Kaitlynne Ashleigh Ekman

Outstanding Mathematics Award –  Kaitlynne Ashleigh Ekman, Alyssa Diana Merrill

Outstanding Writing Award – Brittany Aquila

Accelerated Reading Award – Michael Daniel Rivera

Outstanding Band Award – Kinsey Shea Smith

Outstanding Improvement Award – Ivy Nicole Winger, Rayne Riley

Siskiyou ACSA Scholar Citizen Award – Edgar Casorla, Alyssa Diana Merrill

CJSF Honor Award – Aidan O. Hagarty, Kaitlynne Ashleigh Ekman, Alyssa Diana Merrill

Presidential Outstanding Academic Achievement Award – Edgar Casorla, Lauren Lee Gubetta, Megan Moser, Emily Nicholl Jacobson, Carlos Andres Sanchez, Alyssa Diana Merrill, Michael Daniel Rivera, Miten Tailor

Presidential Outstanding Academic Excellence Award – Aiden O. Hagarty, Kaitlynne Ashleigh Ekman

Contribution Award – Rayne Riley

Scholar Athlete Award – Aiden O. Hagarty, Alyssa Diana Merrill

Iron Man Award – Edgar Casorla

Iron Woman Award – Lauren Lee Gubetta

American Citizenship Award – Kaitlynne Ashleigh Ekman, Lauren Lee Gubetta, Gustavo Eduardo Rodriguez, Alyssa Diana Merrill, Tyler D. Schroeder, Edgar Casorla, Mikey Ducoing, Emily Nicholl Jacobson, Sophia Amber Kalayjian, Alexandria Marie Klucher, Megan Moser, Kinsey Shea Smith, Ernestine LeAnna Taylor, Rayne Riley

Family and friends snap pictures and offer congratulations to the graduates following the WES graduation ceremony last Wednesday. Dylan Vancil posed while his accomplishment was documented by proud supporters.