Thursday’s Oil Spill Briefing: Animals fleeing oil spill

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

News of the day

1. Scientists in the Gulf say animals are fleeing the BP oil spill like land creatures fleeing a fire. In addition to birds trying to get away from the oil, animals such as dolphins, sharks and fish are heading away from the oil and to shallow shore waters. The scientists say this could be a problem because of lack of oxygen, competition, etc., and mass die-offs are likely.

2. BP CEO Tony Hayward got an earful from lawmakers Thursday as they accused him and other BP execs of cutting corners and not being cautious. Hayward told Congress he was “deeply sorry” and “personally devastated.”

3. Today and tomorrow, Louisiana citizens are gathering at the state capitol to speak out about the Deepwater Horizon disaster. “Love Your Coast” is a two-day peaceful assembly that will include speakers, live music and volunteer and educational resources. The event will encourage and facilitate citizen lobbying, in which participants will be able to schedule meetings with their state legislators and speak to them directly about how the state should respond to the oil spill. A special keynote speech will be given by Dr. Riki Ott, who created the movie Black Wave, a documentary about the health and environmental impacts of 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. - Leesville Daily Leader

Number to know

43: Days behind schedule that BP was on its Deepwater Horizon operations at the time of the explosion, according to Congress, which led to haste and a lack of precautions.

Quote of note

"BP cut corner after corner ... and they were apparently oblivious as to what was happening. Now the whole Gulf Coast is paying the price." - Rep. Henry Waxman