Are these America's most appetizing towns?

Jennifer Mastroianni

Imagine being from a town called Greasy.

The June-July issue of Reader’s Digest features a list of America’s Best Town Names. Brilliant, Ohio, made the list, but a few other not-so-beautiful names really caught my eye. Such as The Bottle, Ala., Condemned Bar, Calif., and Greasy, Okla.

There are loads of peculiar town names across the country, but not surprisingly, the ones I like best are the ones that make me hungry. Check these out:

Bacon, Ind.

Big Rock Candy Mountain, Vt.

Buttermilk, Kan.

Cheesequake, N.J.

Chocolate Bayou, Texas

Goodfood, Miss.

Ham Lake, Minn.

Hot Coffee, Miss.

Lick Fork, Va.

Lickskillet, Ohio

Mexican Water, Ariz.

Oatmeal, Texas

Oniontown, Pa.

Picnic, Fla.

Pie Town, N.M.

Sandwich, Mass.

Spuds, Fla.

Sugar City, Idaho

Tea, S.D.

Tortilla Flat, Ariz.

Two Egg, Fla.

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