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WAKE UP CALL!: Will you participate in Take Your Pet to Work Day?

PULITZER WINNER: Learn from multiple-award-winner Stephen Kurkjian


READER CALLOUT: Have readers send in summer drink recipes

HOW TO MAGAZINE: Annual tab has tips on fitness, recycling, finding a job and more

FOURTH OF JULY PAGE: Safety tips for grilling, boating and handling fireworks

READER CALLOUT: Ask readers for their photos of Fourth of July fun


SEAFOOD PRICES: Louisiana restaurant owner noticing seafood price increases -- Dawn LeJeune operates a restaurant that specializes in seafood in Plaquemine. The “Seafood Connection” owner says she is weathering the recent Gulf Coast crisis but is beginning to notice an increase in prices and bulk of product coming from saltwater fisheries wholesalers. By Tryve Brackin of the Post South.


RELIGION NEWS: First icons of Peter and Paul uncovered -- Weekly religion rail, with items on new technology that uncovered religious paintings, a survey about religion and abortion, getting to know the author of the song "Simple Gifts," and more.

BETTER LANDSCAPE: Step right up to a better landscape -- It takes the average new homeowner years to fix and furnish his or her house to satisfaction. Every paint sample, furniture choice, floor surface, window treatment and lampshade is discussed and dissected until, finally, decisions are made, and with luck, everyone is happy. By Geri Nikolai of the Rockford Register Star.

*To localize: Speak to landscaping experts in your area. do they have any tips to add? Or create a breakout with a list of plants native to your region.*

BREAD: Knead or not: Tips for home-baked bread -- “Without bread, everybody’s an orphan.” This Italian observation is centuries old. James Beard takes a modern stab at it: “Bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods.” That is, if you bake your own. By Jim Hillibish of The Repository.

FOOD TOWNS: Are these America's most appetizing towns? -- Imagine being from a town called Greasy. The June-July issue of Reader’s Digest features a list of America’s Best Town Names. Brilliant, Ohio, made the list, but a few other not-so-beautiful names really caught my eye. Such as The Bottle, Ala., Condemned Bar, Calif., and Greasy, Okla. By Jennifer Mastroianni of The Repository.

WELSH COOKING: Crempog with Selsig Morgannwg -- Cooking Welsh — have you had your lobscows today? The recipe names are confounding and priceless: Anglesey bakestones (fruit cookies), cawl mamgu (leek soup), llanddarog (country-fair cakes), teisin sir fon (spiced fruit cake) and the memorable Selsig Morgannwg (Glamorgan leeks and cheese in vegetarian sausages). By Jim Hillibish of The Repository.

JENNIFER MASTROIANNI: Checking up on the garden -- Things in my garden are looking great. No critters, no wind, and no mystery seeds. Everything in my 30-by-50-foot plot is thriving.

BOILING POINT: Familiar names, foods in 1950 cookbook -- Food often is the great memory lane of our lives. Good eats vastly outlast their cooks. Face it: For many of us, we’ll be remembered most vividly for our meat loaf. By Jim Hillibish of The Repository.

DIANA BOGGIA: Do you send mixed messages? Consistency is key -- How can we best set our children up for success and provide them the best learning environment? That answer always will be “consistency.” Children thrive on consistency and predictability. They learn what to expect, and what is expected of them.

PETER CHIANCA: Cheese come undone - Every so often, if you’re lucky, something comes along that provides a moment of clarity, that makes sense of the nonsensensical, that bursts through the gnawing doubts that plague your life. For me, that happened the other day when I came across the following headline: “Cheese can be as addictive as morphine.”


SNEAK PREVIEW: 'Knight and Day,' 'Cyrus' and more -- Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz star in "Knight and Day." By Al Alexander of The Patriot Ledger.

MOVIE REVIEW: Movie review: 'Grown Ups' dumbs down - Adam Sandler's "Grown Ups" is infantile, sexist and imbecilic. And those are its good points. By Bob Tremblay.

DINO F. CILIBERTI: A year after Michael Jackson's death, his art is what lives on - When Michael Jackson died in Los Angeles due to cardiac arrest, something happened. The music mattered again. All of the scandals were forgotten and we began remembering Jackson as the true artist he once was.


GRANLUND CARTOON: Gen. McChrystal's exit

GRANLUND CARTOON: Condoms for kids?

BRITT CARTOON: McChrystal is a Rolling Stone

EDITORIAL: Afghanistan up to Petraeus - and Obama – now - Well, that was quick. On Wednesday, President Barack Obama accepted Gen. Stanley McChrystal's resignation as top commander in Afghanistan after indiscreet, disrespectful and arguably mission-compromising public remarks from him and staff about the nation's war decision-makers and our allies. By The Journal Star of Peoria, Ill.

EDITORIAL: We’ve come a long way in tobacco fight - If you want some perspective on tobacco marketing in America, here’s a fun little project. Go to your computer and do a Google search for “Flintstones Winston cigarettes.” There you’ll find TV commercials from the early 1960s in which Fred Flintstone celebrates the virtues of his favorite brand, Winston, and its “choice filter blend.” Good old Barney Rubble joins in the tobacco pleasure, too. By The State Journal-Register.


BIZ BITS: User's guide to Web-based communication - Weekly business column, with tips on using social media, BBB warning about donating to Gulf causes and more.


JOHN WALL: Reebok signs rising hoops star John Wall - Reebok is hoping that John Wall can replace Allen Iverson as the new face of its basketball shoe lines. The sporting goods company announced it has signed Wall to a multi-year endorsement contract. The deal is worth $25 million over five years, according to a report by Yahoo Sports. By Steve Adams.