Five things you should know about fireworks safety

Jane Lethlean

Fireworks should be treated with respect. It is essential people read all cautions and warnings and use common sense. Lighting fireworks indoors, throwing them from automobiles and lighting multiple devices at the same time can lead to accidents and are not how fireworks are intended to be used. Obey all local laws pertaining to the use of fireworks. Here are five things to consider to be safe on the upcoming Fourth of July.

1. Keep all pets indoors while setting off fireworks. Many animals are scared of the loud noise, which can often send them running away or trying to bite at the sparks.

2. Make sure to stay a safe distance from any live fireworks. Keep an eye on children and hold their hands for safety. Set fireworks and aim away from people, buildings, cars or nearby objects.

3. Read and follow the instructions on the fireworks' package. The warning often gives an expectation for that particular firework.

4. Only light fireworks outdoors. Keep a water bucket or hose nearby in the event of a fire.

5. Do not check any duds. After waiting several minutes, spray and soak the fireworks in water and then discard appropriately.

The Journal-Standard (Freeport, Ill.)