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WAKE UP CALL!: Localizing World Cup refs' bad calls

NICHE SURVEY: Take GateHouse News Service's niche survey by Thursday to help craft 2011's product lineup

LISA GLOWINSKI: Why "way to go" may not be the best form of feedback


NO NASCAR PAGE MONDAY: GateHouse News Service will be closed Monday, July 5, for the holiday. The weekly NASCAR page will be posted Tuesday, July 6.

COUNTRY LIVING: Our new four-page campaign is aimed at rural readers

READER CALLOUT: Have readers send in summer drink recipes


RUSSIAN SPIES: Massachusetts couple accused of spying for Russia - A Cambridge, Mass., man and woman were among 10 Russian intelligence officers arrested on suspicion of serving as illegal agents of the Russian government in the United States. Eight of the 10 were arrested Sunday and accused of carrying out long-term, deep cover assignments in the United States on behalf of Russia. By Auditi Guha and David Harris.

SPIES SIDE: Businessman: Accused Russian spy tried to recruit me - Alleged Russian spy Donald Heathfield tried to recruit an Atlanta businessman to sell contracts to federal agencies, the businessman said. By David L. Harris.

FOURTH OF JULY CONTENT: Including our reader photos callout and ready-made ROP page

ELENA KAGAN: Cartoons, columns and editorials on the Supreme Court nominee


FAMILY TIME: Amusement parks offer new summer thrills - Weekly family column, with a guide to amusement parks, a review of “Grown Ups” and more.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Fresh blueberries perfect in a parfait -- Weekly food rail, with an easy recipe for blueberry and lemon parfait, tips for marinating your meat, a review of a new candy bar, and more.

YOUNG RUNNERS: Ease children into running for fun, sport -- If you want to raise runners, your best bet is probably to run yourself. It worked for Paul Humphrey of Deerfield, N.Y., whose five children all run. By Amy Neff Roth of the Observer-Dispatch.

RELIGIOUS PERSPECTIVE: Clergy say oil spill a reminder of our place in creation -- What, if any moral or spiritual lessons does the Gulf oil spill hold? By Charita Goshay of The Repository.

GARAGE SALE FINDS: More people finding treasure in garage sales -- Call them garage sales, yard sales or rummage sales — they are the grassroots of retailing. The Internet is teeming with advice on how to organize one, tips on buying, even garage sale etiquette. Haggling is expected, by the way. By Chris Dettro of the State Journal-Register.

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5 THINGS TO DO THIS WEEKEND: Celebrate the Fourth of July this weekend by watching "Twilight" and fireworks, going on a picnic and spending as much quality time with your family as you can – it’s the American way!

*Localization tip: This file should be localized as much as possible with "Twilight" parties, fireworks listings, festival information, etc.*

JULIA SPITZ: Jersey's hot but twisted on TV today -- Thanks for nothing, Snooki. Residents hailing from the Garden State think "Jersey Shore" is giving their state a bad name.


EDITORIAL: High court of little help with guns and public safety - On Monday a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment also trumps state and local statutes, not just attempts by Uncle Sam to curtail individual gun ownership. It was no great surprise, as the court had signaled its intentions two years ago when it ruled the District of Columbia's handgun ban unconstitutional, also by 5-4 vote. By The Journal Star of Peoria, Ill.

KENT BUSH: Death penalty justified in worst cases - The death penalty has a funny political profile. Typically, those who identify themselves as conservative espouse the death penalty as a deterrent to crime. Those further to the left of the political spectrum are often opposed to capital punishment because of how it is applied in the court system. I believe in the death penalty in limited cases because, for some crimes, there is just no other way to achieve justice.

DIANNE MCDONALD: Mother Nature needs help from sisters and daughters -- The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a catastrophe that almost can make us feel helpless because of the sheer magnitude of the environmental implications. This human-created disaster will affect our world permanently. Why does it take a disaster for many of us to revisit the preciousness of the world we occupy?

Business / auto

MAKING CENTS: Vacation home economics - Now that the summer of 2010 is in full swing, many vacationers are perusing the real estate pages for their favorite vacation destination and again dreaming about owning a vacation home. From my perspective, the dreaming is healthy. But before you act on this vacation home dream, make sure that you factor in all of the relevant information. By John P. Napolitano.

PAUL A. EISENSTEIN: Sharper edge to Mercedes crossover -- An all-new version of the Mercedes R-Class is coming, and, with its more macho appearance, this “Grand Sport Tourer” could finally gain a bit of traction in the U.S.

ON COMPUTERS: Oops, where did those files go? -- So I’m typing away on a story. I need some info. I minimize my story file and hit the Internet. I get the info and return to find my story is gone. This, my friends, is the Oops Factor once again raising its ugly head. By Jim Hillibish of The Repository.