Dutch Fire expected to be fully contained today

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

As of Wednesday morning, Aug. 4, 2010, the 371 acre Dutch Fire burning five miles northeast of the Klamath River, near the Collier Rest Stop on Interstate-5, was 90 percent contained and was expected to be fully contained later in the day.

Significant progress was made in suppressing the Dutch Fire on the Klamath National Forest on Tuesday, according to a Klamath National Forest Report.

Hand crews and engines had almost completely secured or mopped-up an area 300 feet from containment lines.

Of the fire’s 371 acres, 173 acres are on the Klamath National Forest and 198 acres are private.

The KNF reported Tuesday that fire crews began to repair negative impacts from fire suppression activities and bring back unneeded equipment or debris.

Fire managers were “right-sizing” the fire fighting organization and releasing crews and equipment for rest or re-deployment on other fires.  

No lost-time injuries were reported and no structures damaged by the fire.

The KNF said, “This is the middle of the fire season and homeowners are urged to prepare their properties for potential wildfire and create a defensible space around structures. This will better protect your investments and create a safe living environment. It will also lessen the danger to fire fighters and your neighbors.”