Editorial: Nothing is final for Favre

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

We’ve come to expect the unexpected from Brett Favre, whether on the football field or off.

The latest bit of Favre drama emerged Tuesday when it was reported that the 40-year-old, bound-for-the-Hall-of-Fame quarterback wouldn’t be flinging footballs this year for the Minnesota Vikings.

No one really believed that, and Wednesday ESPN reported Favre had not made a decision. Even if he finally does say he’s retired, we won’t believe he’s done unless he’s still lounging in Mississippi the second week of the football season.

We’ve heard the retirement speech before, most notably in 2008 when Favre said he was “tired” and wouldn’t be playing for the Green Bay Packers. Then he unretired, played for the Jets, retired, came back for the Vikings last year and had one of the best seasons in his legendary career.

Most of us think he’ll come back for one more try at a Super Bowl ring. He’s set just about every individual record worth having for a National Football League quarterback, but he has only one championship ring in his collection. We think he would want at least one more before he called it quits for good.

If he does retire — it will happen someday — we’ll miss his boyish enthusiasm and his love of the game.

Once training camp ends and real games are in sight, that surgically repaired ankle may feel a lot better and Favre probably will give the game another shot.

We would expect nothing less.

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