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WAKE UP CALL!: Reporting on Friday the 13th

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POLL QUESTION IDEA: Do readers think they'll be able to access Social Security?


SEPTEMBER FAMILY: Articles on not overloading your children with activities, budgeting now for the holidays and incorporating apples into easy, filling breakfasts

FARM LIVING: The Gulf oil spill's effect on U.S. agriculture, the future of wind farming and three farm-industry players you should know

BACK TO SCHOOL TAB: Tips on cyberbullying, when homework help is too much and how to tell whether your child has a learning disability


BLAGOJEVICH VERDICT: Editorials, cartoons and context breakouts for the verdicts in the ex-Illinois governor's trial coming in today


RELIGION NEWS: Get close to the person for whom you are praying -- A study of "proximal intercessory prayer," this week in religion, getting to know Saint Maximilian Kolbe, and more.

TONS OF PLUMS: Going plum wild: What to do with all that fruit -- Have too many plums? Here is what to do. By Jennifer Mastroianni of The Repository.

CHILIBURGERS: Hold the chili on the chili cheeseburgers --  Surprise. The classic West Coast chili cheeseburger has no red stuff rolling down your arms. By Jim Hillibish of The Repository.

EASY STARTER: Seafood a classic starter course -- Chefs into grilling know a starter is important — not a gas one, but a food one. A starter here gets folks busy eating while the rest of the main course finishes on the grill. By Jim Hillibish of The Repository.

BOILING POINT: Your local sweet corn is ready --  The long wait is over. Our sweet-corn patience is ending in a pile of corn silk and husks. By Jim Hillibish of The Repository.

DIANA BOGGIA: Ease child's anxiety about start of school -- School bells soon will be ringing, so it’s time to prepare your child for a transition from home to a place filled with new and exciting experiences. Understanding and anticipating the possibility of some separation anxiety will help your child to be much more successful during those first days of school.

TRAVEL: A search for Shakespeare begins in London - Ask Dominic Dromgoole why there’s been a resurgence of interest in William Shakespeare in the past decade or so, and he tilts back in his chair and pats the wall of his “office” — the Globe Theatre in London. It’s a dramatic gesture from a dramatic guy. “This theater,” he says. “This theater is his theater.” By Alexander Stevens.


FLICKS: ‘Expendables’ is last hurrah for action stars -- I briefly considered this a baton passing (i.e., “The Rundown”) but who’s taking the handoff? No one in the cast makes sense. No, “The Expendables” is a wink and a nod to action fans. It’s part farewell tour, part joke. And one assumes — hopes — we’re all in on it. The actors know their best days are behind them, the fans know this is the last hurrah, a one-way mission for the guys who always save the day, always get the girl and always live to tell the tale. By John Meo of the Norwich Bulletin.

LADY A: Lady Antebellum's popularity surging across genres -- Late last year, Lady Antebellum was merely a hot country act. Since then, however, Lady A has become a hot pop act, too. By Brian Mackey of the State Journal-Register.


GRANLUND CARTOON: E. coli at beaches

BRITT CARTOON: What if office buildings had jet-style escape chutes?

CHARITA GOSHAY: In the name game, kids are the biggest losers -- People who object to a court’s interfering with how a parent chooses to christen a child probably are people whose names don’t include a swastika or exclamation point.

EDITORIAL: Flying the unfriendly skies - The nation seems infatuated - for now - with the story of Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who snapped Monday after an altercation with a passenger. After the plane had landed, he took control of its intercom system, launched a few choice words, grabbed a beer from the beverage cart and, with an "I've had it," skated down the aircraft's emergency evacuation chute and went home. By The Journal Star of Peoria, Ill.


DAVE RAMSEY: Sibling constantly needs money help – what should I do? - Weekly financial Q&A, with advice on family members who borrow money and credit card rewards programs.

BIZ BITS: Protect your college kid's laptop - Weekly business column, with tips on protecting your child’s computer, BBB advice on return policies and more.

SCAMS: Protect yourself from scammers - An overview of the most popular scams and how to protect your information. By Lesley Valadez.

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