Hunting tech: Latest bows, garments you may want on your shopping list

Bill Konway

These new hunting products should up your game for the fall season:

Hoyt Carbon Matrix bows                                                  

This hollow carbon tube riser is lightweight (3.8 pounds), is 35 inches axle-to-axle and has a price tag of $1,700.

Browning Alpha Max Flashlight                               

O-ring sealed, all aluminum construction. Three brightness levels to 175 lumens. 3v lithium battery-operated. $74.99

Bushnell Hunt FXi Forecaster                                     

Seven-day AccuWeather forecasts with moon phase, barometric pressure and sunrise/sunset. $99.99

Scent Away Tek4 Garments                                                           

Contains 33 percent more silver than similar products; designed for moisture management and thermal protection. Products from hats and gloves to tops and bottoms. $14.99- $69.99

StrykeForce Crossbow                      

This bow’s redesigned dual binary cam system creates 140 foot pounds of kinetic energy and can send bolts 386 feet per second. $999

Platinum Seriesô G3 Hearing Protection                   

Advanced "no cutout" circuitry provides clear amplification with a noise reduction rating of 21. $79.99