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WAKE UP CALL!: Kindergarteners more diverse this year

BEST OF THE WEEK: Back to school photos, public service journalism and more


GRANDPARENTS DAY CALLOUT: Have kids draw Grandma and Grandpa

WEEKLY GO GREEN PAGE: Greener options for your coffee or tea

WEEKLY KIDZBUZZ PAGE: Learn about the first paperboys

OUTDOOR LIVING: Tips on buying binoculars, getting into dove hunting and being a smarter deer hunter

LABOR DAY PAGE: Make your workplace happier, more productive

LABOR DAY CALLOUT: Ask for readers' weekend photos


THIS WEEK IN WEIRD: Drunken man drives off in police cruiser, an alligator and a bobcat make the news, and more in this week’s edition.

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MOSQUE CONTENT: Check out our package of content on the Ground Zero-area mosque controversy.

BLAGOJEVICH CONTENT: Check out our package of content related to the trial of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Editorials, breakouts and opinion content have been added to the package since the verdict.


ASK DOG LADY: How do I keep my poodle happy? - Weekly canine Q&A with Monica Collins, with advice on neglected dogs and new dogs.

LOOKING UP: Starlight, stars bright and dim - Starlight. The word describes the glitter of Hollywood, dance halls, playhouses and other entertainment venues. Stars of screen and stage dazzle the hours away as we watch from theater chairs or our living room sofas. Entertainment, however, has little to do with the stars in the sky. By Peter Becker.

SUZETTE MARTINEZ STANDRING: Reincarnated dog shares lessons in life purpose - Life purpose, unconditional love - it’s all been said before. But when a four-legged animal speaks, new insights are startling. “A Dog’s Purpose: A Novel for Humans,” by W. Bruce Cameron is an irresistible lesson in how to transform one’s heart energy from survival to service from the perspective of (wo)man’s best friend.

LLOYD GARVER: If they build it, people will complain - Eggs have proven to be a huge danger to the health and vitality of our nation. Now, just to rub it in, I've heard rumors that the American Poultry and Egg Society is building a cultural center in Iowa. What makes it worse is that they plan on building this only a few hundred yards from Wright County Egg - where many of the tainted eggs came from. I don't mind the society having a building to educate the public about chicken and eggs. However, it is incredibly insensitive of them to have the center so close to the site of this disaster.


IVETE SANGALO: Ivete Sangalo talks about performing, her son and more - "I am calling from paradise," husky voiced singer Ivete Sangalo said when she phoned from her weekend home in Bahia, a large state on the eastern side of Brazil. It was a rare moment of peace and quiet for the 38-year-old South American superstar who has sold out concerts all over the world. By Ed Symkus.

TAKERS: Movie review: ‘Takers’ will rob you of a good time - Despite being credited to four writers, “Takers” doesn’t have a lot of plot or character development. There is, however, a whole lot of sexy in a hip ensemble cast that includes Idris Elba, Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen, Matt Brown, Jay Hernandez, Matt Dillon, Zoe Saldana and rapper Christopher “T.I.” Harris. By Dana Barbuto.

MESRINE: Movie review: French gangster flick ‘Mesrine’ an intriguing true-crime tale - What’s more American than a gangster flick about a charismatic felon robbing banks and women’s virtues en route to achieving folk hero status? It’s a scenario as old as James Cagney in “Public Enemy” and as recent as Johnny Depp in “Public Enemies.” By Al Alexander.

REEL DEAL: Flaws of 'Expendables' make it fun - The plot is paper thin. The writing is atrocious. The violence is senseless. The action is unbelievable. And the heroes – and villains – are expendable in every way (meaning I simply couldn’t care less who lived or died). But this flick’s flaws are what make it fun. If you bought a ticket to “The Expendables” expecting anything more or less, you just weren’t paying attention. The poster, for crying out loud, features a skull framed by wings of machineguns and mega knives. By Robert McCune.


GRANLUND CARTOON: On hurricane readiness

GRANLUND CARTOON: Fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. (THE ANNIVERSARY IS AUG. 29.)

GRANLUND CARTOON: Glenn Beck and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

BRITT CARTOON: Glenn Beck restoring racial tensions at the Lincoln Memorial

O'MAHONEY CARTOON: God gives Moses an iPad

GRANLUND CARTOON: Jimmy Carter frees prisoner from North Korea

EDITORIAL: A welcome step in 50-year U.S.-Cuba grudge match - Good news appears to be coming soon on one of the last remaining fronts of the Cold War, with signals coming out of Washington in the last couple weeks that President Obama may order some travel restrictions dropped for Americans wanting to visit Cuba. By The Journal Star.

EDITORIAL: National media miss mark on Rod Blagojevich - One of the fascinating aspects of the Rod Blagojevich saga has been watching the national media’s interpretations of and reactions to the tribulations of the former governor. By The State Journal-Register.

KENT BUSH: Chilean mine collapse puts life in perspective - I don't know if anyone has it worse than the 33 Chilean men who are trapped underground and aren't sure exactly when they will see daylight again. That's why I was so impressed at their reaction when the drill bit reached them. They were loudly singing the Chilean national anthem and thanking rescuers for not giving up on them.

JERRY MOORE: Operation Drop Kick Blago Brother a smart move - Dropping Robert Blagojevich as a defendant could well give prosecutors a wedge against the former governor in their federal corruption trial. Now they can call Robert as a witness and put the squeeze on him for dirt.


ERIC P. BLOOM: Work is not a democracy, it’s a dictatorship - You are not only the manager of your group, you’re also its leader, primary advocate, mood setter, chief bottle washer and of course its chief decision maker. That said, feel free to get input from your staff and/or other knowledgeable parties, but at the end of the day, the decision is yours and yours alone. In fact, if you try to be too nice and leave every decision to a department vote, you will be viewed as indecisive, weak, ineffective and an obstacle to getting things done.