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Would you buy it? Football Oreo cookies


PRODUCT: Football Oreo cookies

DETAILS: They’re the same chocolate wafer, vanilla cream Oreo sandwich cookie, but this limited-edition variety is shaped like a football. One side sports football stitches while the opposite side has one of five designs (such as a quarterback throwing a pass or the phrase “Lick the competition!”).

CLAIMS: A news release says they are perfect for a tailgate party or football get-together.

MORE INFORMATION: or 800-622-4726

AVAILABILITY: In the cookie aisle of stores nationwide.

SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE: $3.30 for a 10.9-ounce package

COMMENTS: We thought the filling was a bit thinner than in the regular Oreo, but we liked the fun factor of the shape and designs. “The vertical shape is better for dunking in milk.” “It’s easier to separate for licking the filling.” “They’re adorable. My kids would like them.”

WOULD YOU BUY IT? Touchdown! Yes.