Justin Lowenthal: Dunsmuir City Council election 2010

Ami Ridling
Justin Lowenthal

Passionate about collaboration and community service, Justin Lowenthal has filed candidacy forms for a chance to serve out Mayor Peter Arth’s term on the Dunsmuir City Council if he is recalled this November.

Lowenthal has filed to fill the term along with Citizens for a Better Dunsmuir member Arlis Steele, who was one of Arth’s recall proponents. However, Lowenthal said that he does not support the recall; he just wants for voters to have a choice between two recall candidates.  

Lowenthal lived in Dunsmuir for one year. After filing his candidacy forms, he moved to Weed due to financial necessity. If elected, he said that he will move back to Dunsmuir to serve his term.  

Currently a Natural Resources Intern through the Siskiyou Training and Employment Program, Lowenthal’s duties include policy research, compiling data, and participating in interest group activities for resource management.

A graduate of UC San Diego, Lowenthal holds a bachelor’s degree in human development. He is currently pursuing an associate’s degree at College of the Siskiyous in environmental resources with an emphasis in sustainable communities.

Lowenthal’s volunteer service history includes tutoring, Rotary Club participation, food delivery to victims of AIDS, and teaching and community development projects in Africa, China, and Mexico.

Since living in Siskiyou County, Lowenthal served as the Mount Shasta High School tennis coach, and he currently assists with the Mount Shasta Elementary School Garden Project where he helps with maintenance and recruitment.

In addition to the city council race, Lowenthal has filed candidacy forms for a seat on the College of the Siskiyous Board of Trustees for the Mount Shasta and Dunsmuir districts.

Lowenthal is 23 years old, making him the youngest candidate in the Dunsmuir City Council races.

“My educational background has provided me with a strong leadership foundation,” said Lowenthal.

“The most important piece of my personal development that has shaped me into a viable candidate for city councilman is my resolve to find a way to make interpersonal relationships stronger.”

If elected, one of Lowenthal’s goals is to strengthen the communication between the communities in the north and the south parts of the county. “I want to see the city of Dunsmuir participate in county and regional efforts in terms of economic development,” he said.

In addition, “Two recall elections are an example of the discord between the people of Dunsmuir and the city council,” Lowenthal commented, adding that he believes the city needs to strengthen the relationship between the residents and the representatives.

Lowenthal stated that the city council should slow down its decision-making about Dunsmuir’s most controversial issues, such as the Mott Airport and the water and sewer capital improvement projects, until after the voters decide who they want to make these important decisions.

Regarding the water and sewer capital improvement projects, Lowenthal said he believes that the city must seek any and all grant opportunities to offset the financial impact on the citizens.

“We should all take our time to express our issues and find consistencies that will unify a community effort towards a stronger and safer Dunsmuir,” said Lowenthal.