Critics' Cupboard: Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers

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Mount Shasta Herald

Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers Microwave Pasta Cooker

Penne & Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo

Saimi Bergmann: SPATULA DOWN

Somebody get me a tongue scraper, stat! I must get the horrible aftertaste of this product out of my mouth.

A contender for all sorts of prizes, including Most Complicated Prep Instructions and Worst Sauce Award. 

Adding insult to injury is the price for meatless pasta and sauce. For the amount it costs, you can get a high-quality frozen dinner that includes meat and vegetables.

Jennifer Mastroianni: SPATULA DOWN

I needed a magnifying glass to read the directions, a personal assistant to help me figure them out, a clothespin to clamp on my nose while eating and syrup of ipecac to administer afterward. Terrible on so many levels.