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WAKE UP CALL!: On exercise and memory loss

INNER CIRCLE: Best practices from GateHouse's top newsrooms


NOVEMBER FAMILY: 4 ways to put a new spin on Thanksgiving dinner, Black Friday shopping prep, teaching teens to be safe drivers and more

HALLOWEEN CALLOUT: Send in your Halloween photos

-- HALLOWEEN PAGE: Make your house haunted

-- READER CALLOUT: Show off your pumpkin carvings


OCTOBER RADARFROG PAGE, COUPON BOOK: Homemade holiday gifts; save on Thanksgiving dinner

READER CALLOUT: Share your breast cancer stories

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RELIGION NEWS: Poll shows stem cell support from unlikely groups -- Weekly religion news with items on the latest poll on stem cell research, “Welcome to a Reformed Church: A Guide for Pilgrims” by Rev. Daniel R. Hyde, John Wesley and more.

CRITICS' CUPBOARD: Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers -- Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers Microwave Pasta Cooker: SPATULA DOWN

BOILING POINT: Why dinosaurs taste like chicken -- Poultry is one strange bird in the meat world. Fat in meat coaxes flavor along. In chicken, fat is the flavor. Period.

CHILI: History of Wolf Brand Chili -- In 1895, Lyman sold chili to cowboys on the range, 5 cents a bowl plus all the crackers they desired. Stokely-Van Camp in Dallas owns Wolf now.

BEER NUT: White Birch brewer turns hobby into new career - Bill Herlicka said he was sick of having to change jobs every few years, so he turned to his hobby -- brewing beer -- for a new career and founded the White Birch Brewing Company in Hooksett, N.H., last year. By Norman Miller.

DIANA BOGGIA: How can I stop my child from repeating the same questions? -  As a parent, I totally understand giving in, being worn out and simply saying ”OK, just this once.” However, as a parent and an educator, I know that is ineffective.


BOOK NOTES: 'The Pain Chronicles,' by Melanie Thernstrom - Author Melanie Thernstrom has given us a comprehensive, readable and invaluable investigation into the science, history and experience of pain.

FARR SIDE: ‘Glee’ passes Beatles with chart achievement - Gleeks have helped the cast of “Glee” do the unimaginable. Songs from the hit show cast have overtaken the Beatles for the most appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 by a non-solo act. By David T. Farr.

MUSIC TOUR: Martina Topley Bird returning to U.S. for fall tour -- Topley Bird said back then that she didn’t want anything to do with that Blur track, but if she knew then what she knows now, she more than likely would have contributed.

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GRANLUND CARTOON: Nor'easter and political signs.

CHARITA GOSHAY: Bullying has taken toxic, deadly turn - The growing number of attacks and suicides around the country as a result of bullying should horrify anyone who considers himself or herself to be civilized.

KENT BUSH: Prisoners cost a pretty penny -- Either we will face more spending on more jails for more prisoners, or we will find a more creative means of punishing the drug possessors and intoxicated drivers in the state.

MICHAEL WINSHIP: Coin-operated Washington -- News Corp, the people who own Fox News, though they call themselves fair and balanced, has given a million bucks to the Republican Governors Association.


COLLEGE FOOTBALL NATION: Football middle class rises up - Way back in the spring and summer, when preview magazines and preseason polls were first published, it was clear there was an unquestioned top team and a handful considered in the same class, but there was also a large group just below which could easily rise up. Last weekend the perceived middle made its first moves. By Eric Avidon.

FANTASY FOOTBALL: Pick Six Weekly: Desperation setting in for your fantasy football team? - I can sense it, and believe me, I can’t blame you. You’re getting desperate. Your fantasy stars stunk or were on your bench and your record is like the San Francisco 49ers: bad when it shouldn’t be. By Joey Baskerville.


BIZ BITS: Weekly business rail, with tips on saving on business expenses, a Better Business Bureau warning about breast cancer donations and more.

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