Kent Bush: A step toward the horizon, adoption of a son

Kent Bush

For months, my family has walked toward what seemed to be an unreachable goal. But we just got closer to our horizon.

As African-American author Zora Neale Hurston once said, "No matter how far a person can go, the horizon is still way beyond you."

Until Friday, that accurately described our adoption process. We kept hoping and doing what we could, but the timeline was stuck at "waiting for a referral."

On Friday afternoon, my wife tracked me down between offices and told me we had to get home; our agency had called.

Our caseworker described a boy to us who is happy and relatively healthy. Malnutrition, a minor scalp infection and mild pneumonia are all very treatable. His mother, from the Tigray province in Ethiopia, had named him for King David of the Bible.

Now, he has been put on a course to become our adopted son. In a matter of months, he will go from an orphanage to our home.

The joy was hard to describe. It was similar to my wife giving birth to our son. This caramel-colored cutie isn’t ours by blood, but he is already ours.

Seeing photos of him and reading about his short, difficult life so far has already provided a fertile ground for emotional attachment. For hours, all I felt was joy. God had begun to complete the task we feel we were called to do.

But then I began to see the other side of that equation. A young mother relinquished this boy, who is destined to live in our home, to an orphanage. The boy’s father is unknown. The mother’s parents are deceased. Her siblings have also passed away. She was all alone and unable to care for her son.

In order to save him, she had to let him go. That must have been the worst day in her life, one that has obviously been filled with difficulty. I can't imagine her pain. But she did what she could to give the little guy a chance.

Doing our part to help fulfill the dreams she has for him will be our way to honor the love and care she gave him for the first three years of his life. For the next few months, we will send our love around the world, waiting for the day when we get to bring him home.

It's nice taking one step closer to that horizon and know that soon we will be at the end of this long journey.