Gifts to please tweens and teens

Molly Logan Anderson

It doesn’t get much harder than satisfying the tween or teen on your holiday list. With preferences and trends changing by the minute, it’s difficult to stay on point with present purchases. Take a look at our recommendations for surefire tween and teen gifts this year.


Tweens: Tweens are the perfect age to develop an appreciation for classic board games such as Monopoly or Scrabble. Tweens old enough to strategize and join the fun with family and friends will appreciate the quality time that comes along with gifts like these.

Teens: Give the gift of science with the BLUEiQ Customizable Miniature Ecosystem. This compact sustainable living ecosystem is meant to provide owners with a better understanding of how ecosystems work and the natural mechanisms that maintain the balance of life within them. They look pretty cool, too.


Tweens: The Discovery Radio X-Craft Hovercaft is as practical as you can get for a tween boy, sure to love the hours of entertainment provided by this remote-control flying machine. Older kids and parents will be fans, too.

Teens: The word “teen” is almost synonymous with music or clothes, so there’s no more practical recommendation than a gift card to their favorite store or to iTunes. Giving your teen the freedom to choose his or her own selections lets them know you value their taste and opinions.


Tweens: It’s likely their favorite Nick or Disney Channel star has a hot new CD release. Pick one up to make sure your tween is among the first to have it on hand.

Teens: With volunteerism among today’s younger generations on the rise, consider the gift of giving to charity in your teen’s name. Choose an organization they’re passionate about. Better yet, plan to give of your time together to benefit the group’s cause.

Wrap it up

Tweens: Your eco-friendly tween will be glad to accept gifts with green in mind. Wrap yours with hemp or raffia to keep saving the planet on your priority list this year.

Teens: Tie your gift with a colorful scarf instead of a bow. No matter whether the recipient is a teenage girl or boy, this hot accessory is inexpensive, easy to find and the perfect addition to any outfit.