Perfect gifts for your pets

Molly Logan Anderson

For most pet owners, Fido and Fluffy are part of the family. They have the own stockings hanging from the chimney with care and their own shiny gifts waiting come holiday time. Here are few ideas for the pets in your life to make this howl-iday their best yet.

Let's play

Dogs: Toys for pets are as interactive as those for kids these days. Give Fido a mental workout with the Nina Ottosson Best Quality Dog Smart Puzzle Toy. Hide treats inside recesses covered by wooden blocks and watch as he entertains himself while learning how to remove the blocks with his teeth.

Cats: Get your indoor cat a Mewvie. Movies for cats showing farm animals, birds and bugs in action are sure to entertain your feline while you’re away — and both of you when you’re home! Available at retailers everywhere, your cat will also get a workout with these feline-inspired motion pictures.

Take good care

Dogs: Conceal your pet’s medication with a Greenies Pill Pocket. Available in loads of pet-friendly flavors and in pet retailers everywhere, Pill Pockets simplify the task of giving medicine to a difficult dog. It’s a treat for pet and owner alike.

Cats: Get Garfield’s shedding under control by purchasing the FURminator Anti-shedding Cat Grooming Tool. This special comb is comfortable in your hand and removes the undercoat while spreading natural oils for healthier coats and skin.

Get outside

Dogs: If your dog lives for the game of catch, an interactive fetch machine may be just what you’re looking for. GoDogGo is an automatic tennis ball launcher and built-in playmate for your canine, who is sure to be entertained for hours with this fun outdoor toy.

Cats: Give your cat the gift of the outdoors all winter long with the Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad and Cover. This safety-inspected thermal heating pad keeps kitty safe and warm despite the elements and is available at pet supply superstores.

Treat me

Dogs: There’s nothing like a Kong dog toy, which can be filled with treats of your choosing and left to entertain your pet while you’re not home. A spoonful of peanut butter inside this widely available rubber sphere will keep him focused and relaxed for hours.

Cats: Start some catnip, a perennial herb that cats love, indoors. Grow yours in a well-lighted window that gets at least six hours of sun. Come spring, transfer it to your garden, where it will entice your feline family member for seasons to come.

All other creatures great and small

No matter what type of pet you call your own, all have needs that can be met. Visit pet superstores like Petco or PetSmart for gift cards or to find the latest offerings for every animal under the sun.