Follow up: Companies express ‘strong interest’ in Dunsmuir plant

Misa Maruyama
The city-owned former Coca-Cola plant in Dunsmuir has attracted some attention from companies who may be interested in leasing it. For the past eight years, the facility has been sitting empty.

The issue

Since the City of Dunsmuir regained control of a former Coca-Cola water bottling plant last year, it has been trying to find a new company to lease the property. The land and the building are worth $400,000, according to an appraisal paid for by Coca-Cola. The 20,910-square-foot facility sits on 2.1 acres.


Coca-Cola was leasing the property for $30,000 per year, Dunsmuir city manager Jim Lindley said. The plant had been sitting empty for at least eight years, during which time it was not generating jobs for the city, he said.

What’s next

Real estate broker Dan Mosher of Mount Shasta is listing the property for the city. Several businesses have “expressed strong interest,” said Mosher, who owns Mosher Commercial and Residential Brokerage. He said two of the businesses are nutraceutical companies, which produce nutritional supplements often sold in health food stores. He said one is established in Redding, the other in Washington and Canada. Mosher said a third company, which bottles water in Klamath Falls, has also turned its attention to the Dunsmuir facility. A food processor was interested in buying the plant, but the city wants to lease, he said.

Mosher said the company would have rights to 50 million gallons of water per year. “That’s a lot of water,” he added. Lindley said the city would set rates according to usage.

“I have every reason to believe one of the companies will move forward with this,” Mosher said. If that happens, he estimates the business may bring 10 to 25 jobs to the area.

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