Green products that are good for your wallet, Earth

Dan Rafter

There was a time when environmentally conscious shoppers struggled to find green products. Those days are long gone.

Today, shoppers can find a host of eco-friendly products, from baby food to window tinting to skin creams. Here’s a look at four products you can buy without feeling guilty about expanding your environmental footprint.

Solar Gard

The Solar Gard company has been manufacturing window film for more than 30 years. Today, this company is part of the trendy green movement. The company’s window film, which comes in a variety of shadings, blocks up to 79 percent of the sun’s heat. This makes it easier to save on energy costs and reduces your impact on the environment. The film even blocks UV rays, which means your sofa won’t fade even if it sits directly in the afternoon sun.

Sprout Baby Food

New York-based Sprout Foods offers its own line of organic baby food. The line is not only good for tikes, it’s kind to the environment, as well. All Sprout Baby Food products are grown without herbicides or pesticides. They are also certified organic.

Garden Girl

Needham, Mass.-based Garden Girl offers a range of skin-care products that contain only natural ingredients. The company’s face-care products, bath soaps, lip balms and baby-care products do not contain sulfates, parabens, petroleum or sulfates. The company has also earned the seal of approval from PETA for its stance against testing cosmetics and skin-care items on animals.

Seventh Generation

The Seventh Generation company is no newcomer to the green industry. This Burlington, Vt.-based company has been providing environmentally friendly cleaning products for more than two decades. Today, Seventh Generation offers everything from disinfectants to laundry soaps to hand sanitizers to paper towels. All the products are Earth-friendly –– the paper towels, for instance, are made out of recycled materials, while the company’s laundry detergents are free of phosphates and safe for septic systems and greywater systems. None of the company’s products are tested on animals.