What is Mass. Weekly?

David Riley/Regional story bank editor

It’s more news for your readers – regional stories with local hooks.

Every week, I’ll email all Wickedlocal editors with stories and ASFs on  regional news - housing, taxes, schools, state legislation, public health. These are issues that affect all of your communities, but you may not have time to cover them yourself.

Each story will come with local data and tips to help you quickly localize the story. Plug in a few figures, make a phone call or two and you’ll have an in-depth, well-researched story ready to publish in a fraction of the time it would take to produce from scratch.

Use these stories to your benefit. Did a story fall through this week? Use one of these. Can a locally-produced story wait a week? Hold it, use one of these and get ahead of the game for your next edition. Or plan to use Mass. Weekly material every week to give yourself more time to focus on the stories that matter instead of trying to fill a news hole.

Edit, cut, rewrite

Not only can you edit these stories – you should. They are meant to be reworked however you need to make them locally relevant and to fit your space. Cut, add quotes, rewrite the lede – it’s your call. Just credit me as “Special to [your paper]” and add your staff’s byline or credit as you see fit.

Where to find Mass. Weekly stories

Every Thursday or Friday, I’ll email you links to new stories. Use the same username and password you use for Zope to log into the GateHouse News Service website. Either download the story or click the “Text only” link under “Downloads” and copy and paste the text.

Spreadsheets and other tools can be downloaded from the story sidebars. All stories are posted on the News Service site.

When to run these stories

Most stories will have embargo dates meant to give you at least a week and a half to localize these stories before they're published anywhere else. So a story sent out June 2, for example, probably will not be available to run until the week beginning June 12. If you're a daily paper whose territory overlaps with weeklies, please check with your EIC on when you should run these.

Share your ideas

Got a story you want covered, but can’t find the time to do it? Let me know.

Every week, I will also share PSJs, CPJs and regional stories from other GateHouse papers that you can localize, along with any additional tips or data I can find to make the job easier. Got a good story to share? Please send it my way.

Ideas, suggestions, complaints?

David Riley

Regional story bank editor

GateHouse Media New England