Testimonial ad package

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Testimonial ad package

GateHouse has a package of testimonial ad templates you can use in your markets. With these ads, you’ll also find an infosheet on testimonial ad best practices, a form to send to advertisers for the appropriate information, and a letter with legal information to send to potential advertisers.

The print ad templates are in color and black and white, in quarter-page and eighth-page sizes.


Click here for the ads in Quark 4, 6 and 7

Click here for the ads in InDesign CS, CS2 and CS3


Click here for the logos that appear on the ads


Click here for the collateral

For more information on using these ads, contact Rebecca Capparelli from GateHouse Sales & Marketing, 585-598-0045 or

If you have any technical issues with these ads, contact Nicole Markle from GateHouse News Service,