Morning Minutes: May 10

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Mount Shasta Herald

Word of the Day

Panegyric pan-uh-JEER-ik (noun) A eulogistic oration or writing; also, formal or elaborate praise -

Website of the Day


Prevent buyer’s remorse with Chintzee, a site that lets you monitor Amazon price changes and sends you an alert when a price goes down. From big-ticket items like LCD TVs to less-pricey items like clothes, you’re sure to get the best deal.

Number to Know

9: Lupus affects females more than males at a rate of 9 to 1, according to studies. Today is World Lupus Day.

This Day in History

May 10, 1994: Nelson Mandela is inaugurated as South Africa's first black president.

Today’s Featured Birthday

Actor/comedian Kenan Thompson (33)

Daily Quote

“To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.” - Barry M. Goldwater