Tornado chase: Still searching for elusive storms, super cells

Bob Ulchak

We spent Tuesday, May 17, in the Texas Panhandle, and then we headed for Kansas, hoping for the best.

Unfortunately we were still lacking a major ingredient for severe weather – moist air.

The air temperature reached the mid-70s, but dew points were only about 50. We basically spent the late afternoon waiting. The action took place farther west, in eastern Colorado, where conditions were more favorable.

We spent the night in Liberal.

Wednesday, Day 3, looks promising. The low-level surface winds are from the south and moisture has begun to arrive in Texas and Oklahoma.

I expect our target area to be in the vicinity of Woodward, Okla.

We are expecting the best conditions to occur between 4 and 8 p.m. Looks like super cells will occur, and we expect heavy thunderstorms, hail and a good lightning show.

Looking ahead, conditions are expected to become very favorable for tornadic activity Thursday, Friday and into the weekend.

Bob Ulchak is a weather enthusiast from Quincy, Mass., who is chasing tornados in “Tornado Alley” through May 27.