Mount Shasta voters approve library tax

Skye Kinkade

Mount Shasta voters approved Measure H during a special election yesterday, ensuring a steady stream of funding to support the city’s library.

According to County Clerk Colleen Setzer’s final June 7, 2011 special election results, Measure H passed with 75.96 percent of voters casting a ‘yes’ vote.

A total of 836 votes were cast, with 635 people supporting the measure and 201 voting against it.

The measure needed a two-thirds vote in order to pass.

Only one name was on the  June 7 ballot for the position of city clerk. John Kennedy Sr. received 693 votes of the 710 cast in the race, or 97.61 percent of the votes cast in the election. Write-ins constituted the remaining 17 votes cast.

Measure H will mean a .25 percent add-on tax on already taxable items sold within Mount Shasta city limits. This money will go to a special fund and will be used exclusively to fund the Mount Shasta Library.

A Citizen’s Advisory Board will be appointed by the city council to oversee the spending of the tax revenue.

Only 41.8 percent of Mount Shasta’s 2007 registered voters turned out to cast their ballot during Tuesday’s special election.