Training scheduled to learn about emergency shelters in Mount Shasta

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Members of three local organizations have begun the collaborative effort to create an emergency Red Cross shelter in Mount Shasta.

The Abundant Life Church of the Nazarene, Siskiyou County Tea Party and Shasta Commons are coming together to create a safe place for the community to gather in case of an emergency.

Andy Grossman, who’s the pastor of the Abundant Life Church and the Tea Party’s action group leader for emergency preparedness began the process by contacting Rob Rowley at Siskiyou County Office of Emergency Services to find out what is needed in Mount Shasta.   

Rowley pointed out the need for an emergency shelter in the community and arranged for a Red Cross training session on shelter operation, which was held Saturday.

Red Cross emergency services coordinator Michelle Perkins and Gloria Jennings-Framm gave the training to 21 participants. Rowley and Lynn Corliss, Siskiyou County Emergency Response Coordinator, both attended and provided information for integrating with county services.

Participants practiced registering, setting up cots, and putting up signs in addition to covering the practicalities for establishing a disaster shelter.  

For anyone interested in becoming a Red Cross volunteer, there is a free Red Cross training scheduled for May 12, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Abundant Life Church, 954 Old Stage Road. Topics to be covered are disaster services overview and the disaster action team training.  

A Community Emergency Response Team training is also planned.  One of the first groups that may respond to disasters is CERT. There is a CERT training scheduled for May 18-20 in McCloud at the Boy Scouts Hall. This training is free and is provided by a grant from the Department of Home Land Security.  It is necessary to pre-register if you wish to receive the training.  Call Rowley at (530) 841-2155 to pre-register.   The training will cover a wide variety of topics, including basic firefighting (use of a fire extinguisher), basic neighborhood search and rescue skills, mental health issues, and terrorism.  More CERT trainings may be scheduled in south county if there is interest.

Disaster Health Care Volunteers are also needed at the Red Cross shelter. These include health care providers (doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, and EMTs) and support volunteers (such as drivers and clerical).  If you wish to be a DHCV, contact Corliss,  at (530) 841-2130.