Whitewater park expert advises Dunsmuir City Council

Richard DuPertuis
Overlooking the river in Dunsmuir City Park, Gary Lacy, left, of Recreation Engineering and Planning, discusses whitewater park possibilities with city councilors, left to right, Ed Steele, Nick Mitchell, and Mayor Arlis Steele. During the first of Thursday's two council meetings, Lacy was also shown Tauhindauli Park and Butterfly Bend south of town.

A whitewater park expert was guided Thursday to locations on the Upper Sacramento River in Dunsmuir for a feasibility study for siting a park in town.

During a special Dunsmuir City Council meeting, councilors Ed Steele, Nick Mitchell, and Mayor Arlis Steele accompanied Gary Lacy of Recreation Engineering and Planning to the riversides at City Park, Tauhindauli Park, and Butterfly Bend.

Lacy was scheduled to make a report on his visit during Thursday evening's regular city council meeting.