Nominate your choices for annual Dunsmuir awards

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Nominations for Dunsmuir Citizen of the Year and Alexander Dunsmuir Award will accepted from May 2 through May 9. Place nomination letters in boxes located at the library, U.S. Bank, Pizza Factory and  City Hall.

Criteria for Citizen of the Year

•?Current resident for at least five years

•?Currently volunteering to the betterment of Dunsmuir citizens.

Criteria for Alexander Dunsmuir Award

•?Current resident for at least 10 years

•?Current or past volunteer efforts for the betterment of Dunsmuir Citizens.

Former recipients are invited to meet at Dunsmuir Elementary School library May 9 at 5 pm to vote on this year’s winners. Winners will be notified in person on the eve of May 9.