Home Style: Dress up the table for a Mother's Day celebration

Mary Carol Garrity

One great way to celebrate Mother's Day is with an exciting new tabletop, complete with the season's hottest new styles and colors. Here's a quick glance.

Aqua and green apple

These perky colors are like a shot of vitamin B-12. Start with a set of basic white dishes, then add gobs of character by working in aqua and apple-green accents through the glassware, votive holders and napkins. Too cute for words.


Marigold is still hot, hot, hot this year. But if you want to take a different path with it, display this zesty color in a more serene setting. Pick cream as its partner, not other bright hues. A gold-and-cream quilt will give your tabletop scene a romantic feel, especially if you add cloches to cover each place setting (a great idea if you're dining outside –– keeps out the bugs!)

I really like marigold paired with grass-green. Create an earthy, natural tone on your table by using green majolica plates and twiggy wicker-plate stands with gold dishes and yellow and green napkins. It looks fresh and clean, but also restful and rustic.

Silver and white

If you want a table that's sleek and cool yet elegant, try one of my favorite color combinations for this season: silver and white. Just dress up white dishes by adding high-gloss silver accents. Try using a silver temple jar and pillar candlesticks in the centerpiece and place silver votive holders on each place setting.

If you want a simpler, softer look, use weather-gray accents instead of polished silver.

Red, white and blue

What could be more appealing than our national colors mixed together in one exciting, yet original, tablescape? It's fun and patriotic, without being a cliche.

The color palette of red, white and blue doesn't always have to be bold to be effective. Snappy red dishes, dotted with blue accents, make me catch my breath with their delicacy and vibrancy.

Pink, light blue and tan

If you've never thought of yourself as a fan of light blue and pink, it's time to reconsider this color palette of your youth. Reinterpreted by today's gifted dish designers, pastels are oh-so-cool! They connect someplace deep within me, and tan is anything but neutral when used artfully in a creative dish design.

Linens, at last

This year, I was dazzled by the wide array of new eye-catching and affordable table linens. No matter the style of your home, from modern to traditional, or your color palette, from bold colors to whisper-soft neutrals, you can now find the perfect linens to accent your table.

Tea service

I don't know what's going on in the Netherlands, but at market this year, the work of two Dutch artists blew me out of the water with their linens, and I am going to be waiting by the door, watching for the delivery trucks in June, when an amazing new line of dishes is scheduled to arrive. Designed by a gifted Dutch artist, whose childhood nickname is Pip, this dish line is the freshest, most irresistible, one I've seen in years.

What's not to like about a company whose motto is "Happy products for happy people"? Pip Studio's dishes won the Best of Show at Atlanta this year, and for good reason. Her dishes weave together the grace and romance of yesteryear, but with a zap of energy added by working in arresting colors and graphics.

The clean lines and everyday versatility of At Home with Marieke captured my heart. Marieke is also a Dutch artist who pulls from the past to create her own interpretation of European country style. One of the best features of the At Home with Marieke line is that these earthenware dishes are dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

I've always been a huge fan of gingham, so I flipped when I saw a peppy blue-and-red-checked dishware set. You can mix and match colors, and use them with cream plates that feature "stitching" trim details. They are great for Fourth of July celebrations, holiday decorating or anytime in between.

The column has been adapted from Mary Carol Garrity's blog at www.nellhills.com. She can be reached at marycarol@nellhills.com.