Local vendors have priority at Weed's Carnevale

Kim Green, submitted
The Butler Amusement Carnival drew a crowd July 18 during Weed's 2009 Carnevale at Bel Air Park.

Carnevale has been a Weed tradition for over 58 years. Over the years the location of Carnevale and the attractions have changed but not the overall intent of the event. It is a major fundraiser for The Weed Chamber of Commerce and other participants.

Local nonprofit organizations are given first selection to participate in Carnevale. This is how food vendors are selected:

The Weed Chamber has a policy and procedure priority that has been in effect for years. Local organizations must have applications into the Weed Chamber Office by a set date (June 30, 2012). If space is still available after the deadline date, space is opened to commercial vendors. Vendors that participate one year have priority for the next year, and no two vendors may sell the same items.

The goal of the Weed Chamber is to provide the community with at least eight vendors and a variety of options for food and drink. The Carnival Company also provides concessions, and the Chamber contract does not allow our vendors to sell anything that they provide.

Information and applications for food and retail vendors is on the Weed Chamber of Commerce website  www.weedchamber.com or by contacting the office at 938-4624.

The next Carnevale Committee meeting is Tuesday, May 29 at 5 p.m. at the HiLo Restaurant. Everyone is welcome and help is always appreciated.

The glow of sunset mixes with the colors of a carnival during Weed’s 2009 Carnevale celebration this past weekend at Bel Air Park.