Republican Pete Stiglich in race for Congress

Paul Boerger
Pete Stiglich

Republican Pete Stiglich is a Republican candidate for the House of Representatives District 1 that includes Siskiyou County.

The 58 year old Stiglich is a retired Air Force Colonel where his specialty was weapons acquisition. He also served overseas in a variety of roles. His education includes a Master’s degree in Management and Human Resources from Abilene Christian University and several military colleges and training schools. Stiglich owns a ranch in Cottonwood.

In addition to his Republican affiliation, Stiglich claims membership in the Bostonian Tea Party, North State Tea Party Alliance, NRA, Rotary and volunteer veteran’s organizations.

Stiglich was asked to give his opinions to a series of questions that ranged from foreign policy to local county issues. Stiglich’s responses are below.


“US military involvement in Afghanistan is now over a decade old. The original justification for going to war in Afghanistan was in response to the 9-11 attack and the Taliban’s harboring of Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaida. With the recent demise of Osama Bin Laden, our primary mission in Afghanistan is now complete.

“Some, however, would make a case that continued US presence in Afghanistan is necessary to enhance regional stability. Given America’s current financial instability and massive debt, we can no longer serve as the world’s policeman.

“Therefore, I would support an immediate pull out of all troops currently deployed to Afghanistan in accordance with a timetable that is kept secret and provides maximum protection for our war fighters.”

Medical marijuana laws

“California’s medical marijuana law is a sham. Californians need to decide whether they want marijuana available for recreational use by all who are over 18 years of age or only allow its use as a medical treatment for certain medical conditions.

“Personally, I do not favor legalization of marijuana for recreational use. I would, however, support its use for medical purposes so long as it is effectively controlled and dispensed through existing pharmacies.

“The federal government needs to concern itself with the interstate and international trafficking of marijuana and the illegal growing of it on federal lands.”

Siskiyou County natural resources

“These are mainly private property issues. The federal government should be a protector of private property and not trying to confiscate these rights without paying fair market value for them. Over 75 percent of the land in California is owned and managed by the federal government.

“In large measure, this land should be returned to the citizens of California, along with the federal tax dollars sent to Washington to fund the bureaucracy that currently manages these lands. The state and local communities are better positioned to serve as good stewards of these lands.”

Secure Rural Schools Act

As long as the federal government is keeping and controlling these lands, it should fund the schools that would otherwise receive tax revenue from those lands. This Act continues to become more complex each time it is reauthorized. The federal government should stop trying to control these rural schools and just pay for the loss of tax revenue.

Tax fairness

“It is not a question if the federal government is receiving adequate revenue. Instead, it is a matter of the federal government spending too much. I am staunchly against any form of tax increase whatsoever. In fact, I’d prefer to significantly slash spending and reduce and eliminate many of our existing taxes.

“At a minimum, we should immediately drastically reduce the corporate income tax and create a business environment that encourages investment and job creation in America.

“Further, we need to transition to a tax system that’s fairer, flatter, easier to understand and to enforce. I am an advocate of the Flat Tax or Fair Tax.

“And finally, increasing taxation levels on higher income brackets would likely only result in a reduction in tax revenues, as happened in England last year.”

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We’re running a series of articles about the eight candidates seeking the newly drawn District 1 US Congressional seat over the next three weeks. Long represented by retiring Congressman Wally Herger, Siskiyou County residents will have a say in choosing a new representative beginning with the June 5 primary. Only two candidates, regardless of their political party, will move on to the General Election in November. Also running are Sam Aanestad, Nathan Arrowsmith, Michael Dacquisto, Gary Allen Oxley, Gregory Cheadle, Jim Reed and Doug LaMalfa.