VIDEO: The Zen of Archery

John Murphy

Archery is in the spotlight today thanks to "The Hunger Games," movie but for thousands of archers, the game began long ago. We took a look at the mind-body connection in archery for a special report a few years ago and thought those whose interest in archery is just now surfacing might appreciate it. (Scroll down to see video below)

Archery goes back thousands of years (think of the cave drawing you remember from grade-school text books). And while its origins may be in hunting and defense, many of today’s recreational archers are out there for the pure joy of the sport.

It also provides a unique mix of physical and mental benefits, combining the stretching of yoga, the meditative aspects of martial arts and the muscle-toning of weight training. There’s a Zen aspect to it. And in some Eastern cultures, it is thought to embody truth, beauty and grace.