Today in the news: Facebook makes its stock market debut

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News to know

Facebook’s shares finally went public Friday, and all eyes were on the social-networking company throughout the day. Facebook’s first trade entered at $42.05 a share.

Quotes of note

- "I don't know what happened. I don't know at all, who this kid was or anything else. But I know George (Zimmerman). And I know he does not like black people. He would start something. He's a very confrontational person."

- "Where I first walked out there, the black guy was on top, and the only reason I can tell that was because the guy that was on the ground under him at that point wrestling was definitely a lighter color."

Two quotes in the investigation into the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Several witness quotes were released, and several offer conflicting accounts of the incident that ended with Martin dead.

Hot video: Man arrested in Mississippi highway shootings

Police said Friday they have arrested a suspect in two fatal highway shootings in Mississippi that prompted warnings that a fake officer might be pulling over victims. Authorities said the fears of an impostor turned out to be unfounded.

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