Today in the news: Ex-Rutgers student gets 30 days for webcam incident

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News to know

Former Rutgers University student Dharun Ravi, 20, was sentenced today to 30 days in jail for his role in a suicide. Ravi used a webcam to record his roommate - Tyler Clementi - kissing another man, and Clementi killed himself shortly thereafter. Ravis was convicted on two second-degree bias intimidation charges.

Quote of note

"Joplin is on the mend. We have a long road to travel, but the way that everyone is joining together and unifying and chipping in, we're going to make it." – Joplin, Mo., Mayor Melodie Colbert-Kean, talking ahead of the first anniversary of the massive tornado that devastated Joplin and killed 161 people. Tonight, President Barack Obama speaks at a graduation in Joplin.

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Millions of people in the U.S. and Asia saw a Ring of Fire eclipse, with the moon passing between the sun and the earth, leaving only a ring of light visible.

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