Congressional candidate: Dacquisto isn’t taking contributions

Skye Kinkade
Michael Dacquisto is a Republican candidate for US Congress in District 1.

Though Congressional candidate Michael Dacquisto will be listed as a Republican on the June 5 Primary ballot, he’s not accepting campaign contributions, and feels this will enable him to represent the interests of the citizens rather than special interest groups.

A 58 year-old bankruptcy trustee who makes his home in Redding, Dacquisto said the national deficit is the most pressing issue for District 1 and the entire country.

“I will follow the 2-4-6 rule,” Dacquisto said. “Six years is the longest I will stay, four years is probably about right and after two years if I have not kept my promises to you I will leave office and let someone else take over.”

Dacquisto faces seven other candidates in the race for US Representative District 1, including Republicans Sam Aanestad, Doug LaMalfa, Pete Stiglich and Gregory Cheadle, Democrats Nathan Arrowsmith and Jim Reed and Gary Allen Oxley, who has no party preference.

Dacquisto was asked his opinions on several topics, from national issues to local ones. His responses are below.

National debt

If we do not tackle [the national debt] now this country will become Greece times 10 or more. To put the nature of the problem in perspective, if the government was a family, and spent money in the thousands, not trillions, last year it earned 23,000, spent 36,000 and owed 150,000 on its credit card.  Clearly it is bankrupt. Years of out of control spending by Republicans and Democrats caused this problem. It needs to be fixed now. First, cut up the national credit card. Second, reduce spending to the level of income received. Because Washington cannot agree on intelligent spending cuts an across the board 10% spending cut would be a good start. Once the financial market sees Washington is serious about solving these problems cash will free up, businesses will expand, the economy will grow, and jobs will be created.

Secure Rural Schools

I believe a better way to fund schools in rural areas is to return the ability to harvest timber and use forests in an economically productive way to the community and local businesses. Revenue generated from those activities could be paid to local counties. They could then pay the funds generated to rural area schools as needed. There is no reason for the federal government to be making these payments. It should not have control over payments being made to local areas for schooling needs.

Natural resources and regulations

The only jobs the federal government creates when it spends money are federal jobs. In the short term they can spend money and create jobs, but they are short term jobs which do not provide long term benefit or true economic growth. The government needs to get out of the way and let private enterprise flourish. Jobs and economic growth are created by private enterprise, not by government. Less government involvement and less regulation will translate to more jobs and more economic growth. Some regulation on natural resource industries is beneficial. Nobody wants dirty air or dirty water, but we clearly have too much regulation now. To start, I would poll all area businesses and determine which regulations interfere with their operations in the most burdensome and difficult way. I would then see how those regulations could be repealed, suspended or changed to assist the businesses instead of hurting them.


The original purpose of the war to was to remove the Taliban from control of the country which would, in theory, end the safe haven and government approved sanctuary and support given to the Al Qaeda terrorists. It appears that objective has been achieved, so I would support withdrawal of troops from that area.

Medical marijuana

One major reason for the mess we have today with medical marijuana is the difference between federal law, which says it is illegal, and California law which says it is legal. I do not believe the federal government needs to be making laws with respect to marijuana. I believe it is a state’s right issue. I support providing marijuana, through proper prescription and control, to patients who truly need it. An example would be a cancer patient who needs the drug to offset the bad side effects from chemotherapy. I do not support it being provided to anyone who can pay 150.00 for a prescription and who has an ailment such as anxiety, or a non specific claim of generalized pain with no definitive objective cause. Grower regulation should also be a state or local matter, not a federal issue.

Dam removal

I do not support the dam removal as presently proposed. The decision to remove the dams appears to be made by Washington bureaucrats without regard to the effect on the local residents and without providing all affected parties an opportunity to meaningfully participate in the process. I understand there are claims the “science” on which the reports and recommendations were made is faulty. I would not support KBRA and KSHA as presently proposed.

Favorite place to visit in Siskiyou County

I enjoy all of the natural beauty in Siskiyou County. My favorite place to visit in Siskiyou County is the town of Mount Shasta and the surrounding local area. I enjoy hiking on Mt. Eddy, the view from the top and exploring the Pacific Crest Trail.

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